Pickup And Delivery

​Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service in Hazleton, PA

Brite-Way Laundromat takes the burden of laundry duty off your shoulders! Our outstanding, timely, and convenient laundry pickup and delivery service in Hazleton and surrounding areas ultimately gives you more time in your day!  No more need to fit time in to your day for laundering items for your college student who just arrived with a trunk load of last month's laundry, or running to get grandma's laundry to run take it home, launder it, and return it to her.  No need to feel badly because you wish you could do SOMETHING to help someone who is struggling through difficult times....now you can just pick up the phone, schedule a pickup or click on "Schedule Pickup" and we will wash, dry, fold and deliver the laundry for you!!

With a small competitive cost of $2.25 per pound of laundry, you can help someone from the comfort of your home or anywhere.  We will email you the morning of and text you when the driver is on the way for laundry pickup. Our pickup and delivery service right now is provided Monday through Friday 8am- 5pm. Just make sure the laundry is where it can be picked up when we arrive and we will handle the rest for you.