Wash Fold

Laundromat with Fluff & Fold Drop Off Service in Hazleton

Brite-Way Laundromat gives you professional wash and fold services with our convenient drop off option. At just $1.75 per pound and the option for same day service if you drop it off before 1:00PM or next day service if you drop it off after 1:00PM, you can't go wrong! You can drop off your laundry any time between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Many of you have used this service for Hazleton and surrounding areas for years and have been completely satisfied.  We use high quality, concentrated detergents and fabric softeners to wash dry and fold our laundry. Or, if you bring your own detergents and fabric softeners we are happy to honor the use of those as well.  You can customize your wash by requesting cold wash only, low dry, etc.  All requests will be honored within reason. If you're looking for a laundromat with drop off service, come to Brite-Way.

We take our time and separate whites from colors, etc. to make sure we give your items the best laundering possible. Each order received is always washed separately from other orders. We will not combine orders for any reason so your items will always be returned to you. Large order items such as comforters and pillows, winter coats, etc. are charged per item instead of per pound as many times these items take up the space in the machines yet may not weigh much.

With our newly purchased wash and fold point of sale system we can accept credit cards, debit cards, or cash whichever works best for you.

We will send you a text message to notify you  when your laundry is ready to be picked up.