Laundry Pick-Up & Delivery Service in Bloomsburg, PA

Laundry doesn’t have to get in the way of your weekend plans or steal your evenings during the week. Between professional obligations and social engagements, it can be a challenge to make time for laundry. Feeling overwhelmed due to laundry? Then schedule a pickup and delivery with Brite-Way Laundry.

Our pickup and delivery laundry service will come to your home and pick up your laundry when you want us to. We will wash it, dry it and fold it for you. Then we will return it to you fresh and clean. All you have to do is put it away. Then you can spend those hours you would normally need to do laundry doing something you actually enjoy. 

Instead of laundry, why not drop in at Incredible Popcorn and treat yourself to gourmet popcorn? Of if you have kids, visit the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum and watch the little ones marvel at the exhibits. Or watch a musical performance at the Haas Center for Performing Arts. Let us handle your wash load so you can enjoy your time doing something fun.


Laundry Done In Just Three Simple Steps:

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Use the service only as often as you need to.  No subscriptions!

Laundromat Does Your Laundry For You

Sit Back & Relax

Why do laundry every weekend?
Treat yourself, and do something fun instead.



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Try our convenient pick up and delivery service today. Perfect for busy families and individuals.

Brite-Way Laundry offers a variety of pickup and delivery laundry services in Bloomsburg, PA and the surrounding areas. These pickup and delivery laundry services include wash & fold laundry and commercial laundry. Our wash and fold laundry service provides top notch service and the online scheduling makes it a snap to schedule residential and commercial orders.